Thomas Salzano - Ways to Improve Website Conversions

When it comes to interacting with users and online customers, it is very important to have a website that offers good user experience which can easily convert visitors to customers. Understanding conversion rate is a simple process. You must know these things:
 - Why visitors are not converting?
- What you can do to fix this issue?

 You will get to know this only when you know the exact problem which users faced while accessing your website. 

 You can improve your website conversion rate only when these things are working fine for your website:

User Experience: It includes clean and intuitive interface which you offer to the website visitors.

Call to Action Analysis: Adding call to actions at exact place is very important. Do not add it at inappropriate place.

Website Usability Analysis: You should take care that your website visitors can easily find what they are looking for.

Information architecture design Analysis: It means to organize your website functionality and content with proper structure so that visitors can easily find and navigate.

Content relevancy Study: Take care of text to code ratio in website. It is very important to maintain a ration between graphics and text so that it looks good to user and not boring.


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