Travel Expert Thomas J Salzano Share His Best Tips For Packing Light

Thomas J Salzano is a travel expert having trans-formative travel experiences. Thomas J Salzano is a full-time traveler and carry-on guy.

Packing for a trip means getting together all the essentials. And if you carry too much baggage then it is difficult to handle and also expensive if you are traveling by plane. Here Thomas J Salzano shares the ideas that will help you in traveling light:

Cut Down Your Luggage

If you take more bags with you on the trip then you will feel the heavier load. Choose a bag which is effective during the packing process and one which holds everything you need. do not choose heavy and hard side suitcase, try to use a bag of soft sides.

Pack Efficiently 

Pack clothes according to your traveling plans. So firstly make a list of your plans like a name of restaurants you will eat at, events that you are going to attend, attraction places you plan to visit and after making list find out what clothes and items are necessary for your trip. And pack 3 or 4 days before a trip because parking one day before is very stressful. And instead of folding the clothes roll them by rolling they will take less space.
Some other traveling tips that Thomas J Salzano also follow while traveling, skip packing laundry detergents and buy them when you arrive at a destination. And also pack a stain remover pen in your bag. 


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