Water Sports Not To Miss This Summer Season by Thomas Salzano

It’s summer time once again and we all can look forward to some beach vacations to beat the heat! New Jersey based hair-stylist and traveler Thomas Salzano suggests some trending water sports worth trying out in the summers.

Salzano loves to stay in shape and incorporates various physical activities in his schedule to keep monotony away. He shares that outdoor exercise and activities help improve mental well-being and make you feel more in touch with nature. Here is how you can enjoy your vacations this year by embracing the sea and trying out these water sports this holiday season.

Kite Surfing

If you love activities that demand control then kite surfing should be on the top of your to-do list. Make use of a standard surfboard attached to a kite that would catch the air while you surf amidst the waves. This water sport demands precision along with quick decision making skills.


This sport isn’t just fun but will also strengthens your legs and arms along the way. It’s an amazing feeling being towed by a motorboat while being strapped to a rectangular board all along. Definitely something adrenaline junkies should try out.

Jet Skiing

How does racing across the water sound?
Jet skiing is probably one of the coolest water sports. This exhilarating sport is less strenuous than most other water activities. All you got to do is put on a life jacket and get going.


A great cardio strength training activity, kayaking can take you to remote places that make for mini adventures. This sport helps you strenuously work out on your core and upper body. This versatile sport allows you to test you rowing skills in white waters.

Body boarding

This water sport has come a long way from the Polynesian culture, and is a great option to try out for beginners. It works most like surfing, only that you need to lie on the board instead of standing on it. This sport is still not so widespread but is getting a lot of attention from surfers these days.


Snorkeling may not be as fascinating as scuba diving, but it has its own elements of simplicity. A snorkel, diving mask and flippers are all you need to get going. This simplicity gives divers the freedom to explore sea life near the surface of the ocean.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

This sport is a full body workout and also helps you with balancing and focusing. An offshoot to traditional surfing, SUP makes for an amazing cardio workout and also relieves stress. It comes easily as all the boarder has to do is stand on their board and paddle for propelling themselves through the water.

The summers are here and so are lots of sunny days, warm temperatures and endless new opportunities to have fun. Surfing and diving have been the norms since a while now, so take a leap of faith and invest some time exploring these adventurous recommendations by Salzano.


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