Thomas J Salzano - What all You Should Keep in Mind When You Start as a Beginner as Skier

Skiing is an interesting sport but needs proper training as there is a high risk of injuries if you don’t take proper training and guidance says, Thomas J Salzano a professionally trained skier.

Thomas J Salzano says every sport requires training and so does skiing. Like every other sport, skiing has some ground rules that a trainer can convey to you better. 

Here are some tips by Thomas J Salzano for beginners in skiing:
  1. Prefer only that resort for training which is famous for beginners and not for champions
  2. You dress should be appropriate (avoid jeans)

  3. Only when you can evenly balance over your skis is when you can start your journey as a skier.

  4. Proper training is compulsory so get a trainer for you how can put you on the right track with his proper guidance.

These are some tips that can help you as a skier. Thomas J Salzano says, it's okay to fall and learn but it's safe if you fall in front of your trainer.


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