Thomas Salzano - Long-Haul Flight tips to Make your journey Comfortable

One of the most comfortable means to travel is “traveling by flight” says Thomas Salzano but sometimes this comfort can be a little challenging if its a long-haul flight. Thomas as a traveler has faced this discomfort and has some simple tips that can make your journey easy and relaxing. 

Here are a few tips by Thomas: 
  1. A comfortable seat is the biggest relaxation in itself. See which seat fits in your budget and comfort zone like the suggested seat will be 6A. In case you are traveling with kids you should prefer the front seats of the plane.

  2. The second thing which will make your journey in-plane relaxing is your shoes and clothes. Skintight clothes and tight shoes can be discomforting. So go for comfortable clothes and fewer accessories when you have a long flight to survive.

  3. Take a power nap and don’t keep sitting. Sleep is important to stay fresh after such a long flight. The other things that are important are to keep yourself hydrated, carry a sleeping kit and move around to keep the circulation flowing.

  4. Talk to the person sitting next to you and avoid using your phone and laptop all the time. Interaction with others is the best option as you can enjoy the journey with a friend and learn new things.

  5. Carry your own snacks and you can not totally rely on flight food especially if the flight is a long flight and you can not avoid food for so long.

These are some tips that you all should consider as sometimes in excitement and anxiety we ignore these little points and complain about the long-haul flights.


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