Thomas N Salzano: 5 Reasons Time Is Worth More Than Money

"What is more worth - Time or Money?" this is a common question asked by today's generation says, Thomas N Salzano a creative writer and a motivational speaker. You must have come across different explanations about the value of time and money that may or may not have satisfied your thoughts about time and money.

Here are a few reasons in support of time is more valuable shared by Thomas:

1)    You invest your time to earn money and even to spend it
2)    You can create good or bad memories without money but not without time
3)    Time is a great healer and is priceless

There are many other reasons to support the worth of time but you can only understand the worth of time only when you realize it yourself. So take out some time and analyze the fact that to what extent is money your priority and what is the value of time in your life.


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