Thomas Salzano: Precautions While Traveling during Coronavirus Outbreak

We all are familiar with the current situation where the outbreak of Coronavirus has become a serious issue. When asked by travel expert, Thomas Salzano about his views on coronavirus effects on travel, he said that as responsible citizens we all must cooperate with the government and avoid traveling as the best precaution.

The need of the hour is to stay safe from this deadly virus and for that you all need to stay inside your homes. In case you need to travel due to any emergency then make sure that you avoid touching anything around, wear a mask, even gloves are recommended now, maintain a distance from other travelers and make sure you wash or sanitize your hands again and again.

Thomas Salzano says all the precautions are for your benefit and so is the screening a part of the precautions. So in case you are asked to wait to be screened do cooperate with the authorities.


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