Thomas Salzano - Tips for Losing Weight

We live in a generation where fitness is a concern for many, which is a good thing. People also give preference to maintaining their body weight and for this, they try different ways to lose or at times gain weight says Thomas Salzano a professional fitness trainer.

But there is a fact about weight loss that you all must know i.e it’s harder to lose weight with age. This is why the professionals suggest maintaining your weight as obesity can lead to many health diseases.

With the intention of guiding people about weight loss, Thomas has shared some tips that will help you to lose weight:

1)    Stay Hydrated, for this you need to drink water and you can also add fruits to your diet.
2)    Cut Calories, as weight loss is all about calories-in and calories-out.
3)    Follow the 80% rule that means eat until you feel just 80% full.
4)    Skip the Liquid Calories, this includes sugar-sweetened beverages.
5)    Embrace Veggies, add as many green vegetables to your diet, so that you stay healthy and take one more step towards weight loss.

Such simple steps will help you lose weight, and yes the exercise will also help. Your trainer, doctor, or a particular dietician will be a perfect source for consultancy as weight gain can also be because of health issues or a result of any medicine you are consuming says, Thomas Salzano.


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