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Thomas J Salzano: Skills Which A Blogger Must Have

Thomas j Salzano a famous travel blogger and an amazing person with lots of qualities. People in large number follow his blogs and look forward to his updates.  Thomas j Salzano gives a valuable advice about the skills that a blogger must have to succeed. Here is the list of those skills:- Strong will-power & patience Writing Photo editing CSS & HTML Networking Marketing skill Interaction skill Also Read:-

Thomas J Salzano: Choosing a Backpack for Trekking

Choosing the right backpack is as important as choosing a shoe for trekking. The wrong kind of backpack will become a burden on your back, literally, says  Thomas J Salzano . The New Jersey based hair expert, who also happens to be an avid traveler, photographer and blogger share some tips to choose the right kind of backpack: Test The Straps:  See how good they work while tightening or loosening them. Also check how firmly they are held in position when walking. Belt and Pads : Shoulder and waist bands should hold you snugly and comfortably. The idea is to allow minimum bag movement while staying comfortable. Related Post:  Choosing a Trekking Pole: Thomas J Salzano As far as backpack size is concerned, Thomas J Salzano says this all depends on the number of day you’ll spend on trekking and the weather. Check his other blogs out for more information on traveling, photography and hair styling .