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Thomas Salzano - Long-Haul Flight tips to Make your journey Comfortable

One of the most comfortable means to travel is “traveling by flight” says Thomas Salzano but sometimes this comfort can be a little challenging if its a long-haul flight. Thomas as a traveler has faced this discomfort and has some simple tips that can make your journey easy and relaxing.   Here are a few tips by Thomas :   A comfortable seat is the biggest relaxation in itself. See which seat fits in your budget and comfort zone like the suggested seat will be 6A. In case you are traveling with kids you should prefer the front seats of the plane. The second thing which will make your journey in-plane relaxing is your shoes and clothes. Skintight clothes and tight shoes can be discomforting. So go for comfortable clothes and fewer accessories when you have a long flight to survive. Take a power nap and don’t keep sitting. Sleep is important to stay fresh after such a long flight. The other things that are important are to keep yourself hydrated, carry a sleep

Thomas Salzano - How to Write Effective Narration for Visuals

In video making, communication occurs through the images but in most of the cases, images alone are not capable of delivering the whole story. According to Thomas Salzano , a voice actor, and renowned blogger, this is where the narration fits in. Voice over imparts the important information that video alone cannot.  Use the following tips and level up your voice over skills: 1.Plan Ahead Decide how you want your narration and what you want to deliver through your voice over. 2. Listen Your voice over script will not be seen by anybody but will be heard therefore before presenting it listen to it yourself and avoid words or combinations that are hard to pronounce. 3.Tailor The Script Know your audience, in the opinion of Thomas , you should write your narration with a specific audience in mind. The words are going to make better sense if you practice this form of script writing and narration skills. 4. Pace Yourself Pacing is balanci

Thomas Salzano - Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

"Try new things and get out of your comfort zone to live life to fullest", says Thomas J Salzano, a New-York-based inspirational blogger , and a life coach. The 45 years old influencer shares his valuable thoughts about why one must leave his/her comfort zone to chase success. Here's what he has to say: #1 Personal Development: Your comfort zone is your biggest enemy. This is because you are so used to the pleasant environment that you can never experience self-growth. #2 Recognize Your Self-Worth: Getting out of your comfort zone will help you to get yourself to new heights. You will explore your hidden skills and talents. #3 Become More Optimist: Once you get rid of your comfort zone, you will get rid of your negative thoughts too. You will see a dramatic novelty in your vision and will be full of positive vibes. #4 Give Your Best: When you step out of your comfort zone, circumstances make you more productive and courageous to face fears