Thursday, 27 December 2018

Why is having a life goal important

I worked hard, but I haven't got results worthwhile. Millions of people say it.  May they had adrifted in their life. What was missing in their life? The answer is a real-life goal. Having a life goal is an important part to give drift to your life.  

Life is not so completed as such a person making it.  Having a life goal helps to organize life and get worthwhile results.

Setting a goal is a powerful step to make life worth and ideal.  Goal introduces you to yourself, Make our mind what actually you want from your life. 

What does make satisfied you in your life?

Ask a question from your self 

What are you doing with your life?

What do you want from life?

These questions’ answer will help you to find the purpose of your life.

The Second stage of life how to achieve your life goal read detailed point, which will help to reach your dream and life goal. 

Thomas Salzano|Thomas J Salzano:: Steps To Achieve Life Goal

Monday, 24 December 2018

Why Some Startups Succeed and Why Most Fail: Thomas Salzano

Startup success and failure depend upon many aspects and factors”, states Thomas Salzano, a New Jersey-based  blogger, traveler and a photographer. He is a multi-tasker and running a well-liked hair salon in New Jersey. 

Being a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Thomas Salzano has listed the important and consistent set of aspects that fuels startup success or failure.
  • Lack Of Focus: New entrepreneurs should be passionate enough to start a business and run it successfully. At the initial stage of their business, the owners should be more focused and committed towards their work. Due to no or lack of focus, startups face failure. The price to emerge as a successful startup is hard work and dedication.
  • No/Poor Business Model: To create a scalable business, the business model plays an important role. Most of the startups fail because of no or poor business model. Before starting a business, you must understand the market and create an effective business model to survive in the targeted market.
  • Ignoring Your Competition: The common mistake that causes failure to many startups is ignoring their competition. So, always know who your key competitors are and what strategies they follow. Competitor analysis helps you to understand what your competitors are doing and learn from their mistakes. Also, it helps in gaining new marketing ideas and identify business opportunities.

  • A Wrong Team: Every startup is supported by a versatile team of people. Therefore, choosing wrong employees and co-workers often lead to startup failure. Your business success directly depends upon the skills, conduct and individual efforts of the team. So, be very careful while selecting your team.
  • No Finacial Backup: New entrepreneurs should never run out of money and time. To build a successful business, startups must have strong financial backup. Before stepping in the market, thoroughly research about the market conditions and search product-market fit. And then start your business with a zeal to conquer the market with strong financial backup.
  • Ignoring Product & Service Quality: If you are compromising with the quality of your services and products, your new business is running towards its death point. In order to fight your competition and win customer trust, make sure you provide as best as possible quality products and services.
  • Lacking Behind In Marketing: For startups, it is crucial to adopt technology for marketing purposes. Underestimating the power of modern marketing strategies lack you behind in the market. Therefore, drive your marketing strategies with social media and SEO-friendly techniques.
  • Forgetting your Customers: In this customer-driven market, forgetting your customers will bring a downfall to your business. Customer-service play an important role in building trust in a startup. Try to convert your customers into your raving fans.
“So, these are the common set of factors illustrated by Thomas Salzano,  that determine the success and failure of startups. We hope the above-mentioned aspects will help new entrepreneurs to build a strong business and achieve success.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Thomas J Salzano - How To Remain Updated Towards Industry Trends

Thomas J Salzano with his hard work has taken his business to great heights. Thomas J Salzano has always remain updated related to upcoming trends in business. He believes it's very important to remain updated regarding new trends for growth of your business.

Thomas Salzano has shared few tips how people can remain updated about their respective industries.

Here are few tips shared by Thomas J Salzano :-
  1. Remain active in social media and news feed.
  2. Subscribe to industry related journals
  3. Read latest magazines
  4. Engage with Your Customers
  5. Keep an eye on Competitors
Visit to know more about him.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Thomas J Salzano: Things You Should Know Before Starting A Business

As a salon owner, Thomas Salzano, a New Jersey based hairstylist had little time for his other pleasure when he started off. More than a decade ago, he was in the same position where many future entrepreneurs are today.

No doubt that starting a business is exciting, but it is also equally demanding. It involves endless hours of hard-work, effort, lack of sleep, and spending your lifetime savings on something that could end up failing.

Here are some tips from the man himself that you should keep in mind before starting a business:

Ignore what others say

There is a very popular stat when it comes to starting a new business, “95% of businesses fail within 5 years.” There will be many people who’d quote this. Keep the stat in mind and forget what people say. Focus on being in the remaining 5%. What follows from here is all based on the 5% entrepreneurs, including Salzano.

Research and refine your idea

Ian Wright, the founder of British Business Energy said: "Just because you have a brilliant idea does not mean other people haven't also had the same idea. If you can't offer something better and/or cheaper than your competitors, you might want to rethink starting a business in that area."

Research for existing companies that are already present in your chosen niche, learn and analyze what they are doing (business model, marketing strategies and their USP).

Write both their pros and cons. Flex technology or market in a way that you can use their disadvantages as your advantages.

Build your team

Identify what kind of employees you need in your team. Create clear job descriptions that give your candidates the right idea about what their role will be.

Many entrepreneurs appoint interns and family members for saving money. This practice may have an adverse effect on the business. You need a team who is aligned in their thinking and action.

Identify your target audience

Every niche comes with a specific set of audience. Analyze your target audience, their demographics, their buying habits, etc. Analyze what drives them to do business with a particular company.
See what customer needs can you address, the needs that haven’t been addressed yet.

Thomas Salzano says his salon is a success because he is not just a hair expert, he is also guides his customers how to maintain healthy hair and skin. He focuses on what his customers’ needs are, not what he can sell to them.

Hope this article by Thomas N Salzano who is a trusted hairstylist and blogger has given you some insights on the important things that needed to consider when starting your own business.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Thomas John Salzano: Why Are Core Business Values Important?

Any business just doesn’t grow because the management has taken and followed all the right steps regarding marketing and promoting strategies. It grows because they follow business core values that attached an employee to its company. Thomas Salzano, a New Jersey-based hairstylist, photographer, traveler, guitarist, and a blogger talks about the importance of core values in the context of a business.

Here’s what he has to say:

Core values provide a reliable foundation to help employees in creating innovative solutions for tougher problems. When employees embody core values of the company, they will work in consort and enable themselves to fulfill their mission of solving problems of their clients.

Core values represent employee’s highest aspiration for how he engages as a colleague, alumni, partner who works on behalf of the company.Being empathetic effects a company’s environment to a wider extent. The ability to understand challenges that other employees are dealing with and how you can help them in overcoming those challenges. All this comes under the character trait of the company and its employees.

There are three types of employees in any organization:

Employees who want things to happen
Employees who watch things to happen
Employees who make things happen
It all depends how ambitious the employees are and what changes or improvements they want to see in the company.

What’s wrong with existing core values?

Founders or CEOs are not passionate about them.
They are not actionable or achievable.
They are not connected to the company’s vision and mission.


Many companies that create remarkable core values that engage their employees well achieve a massive success. If you are a business owner, it’s your duty to transform your organization into one where employees breathe and live core values.

This is Thomas J Salzano, your trusted hairstylist, photographer, guitarist, and a blogger signing off for now.

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Thomas J Salzano: Skills Which A Blogger Must Have

Thomas j Salzano a famous travel blogger and an amazing person with lots of qualities. People in large number follow his blogs and look forward to his updates.  Thomas j Salzano gives a valuable advice about the skills that a blogger must have to succeed.

Here is the list of those skills:-

Strong will-power & patience
Photo editing
Marketing skill
Interaction skill

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Thomas J Salzano: Choosing a Backpack for Trekking

Choosing the right backpack is as important as choosing a shoe for trekking. The wrong kind of backpack will become a burden on your back, literally, says Thomas J Salzano. The New Jersey based hair expert, who also happens to be an avid traveler, photographer and blogger share some tips to choose the right kind of backpack:
Test The Straps: See how good they work while tightening or loosening them. Also check how firmly they are held in position when walking.
Belt and Pads: Shoulder and waist bands should hold you snugly and comfortably. The idea is to allow minimum bag movement while staying comfortable.

As far as backpack size is concerned, Thomas J Salzano says this all depends on the number of day you’ll spend on trekking and the weather. Check his other blogs out for more information on traveling, photography and hair styling.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

How to Improve Customer Service for Your Salon?

Harris Interactive Report state that 89 percent of the customers stopped going to a particular salon due to the bad experience. They further stated that 86 percent of the customers are ready to pay more for a better experience.
For improving customer service, you need to work on certain points such as establishing a good communication system between customers and your employees. You also need to ensure that you don’t make customers wait for too long, offer them something to eat or drink and ask them to write down reviews.
I am Thomas Salzano, a New Jersey-based hairstylist who loves to write about the latest trends of the hairstyling world.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Water Sports Not To Miss This Summer Season by Thomas Salzano

It’s summer time once again and we all can look forward to some beach vacations to beat the heat! New Jersey based hair-stylist and traveler Thomas Salzano suggests some trending water sports worth trying out in the summers.

Salzano loves to stay in shape and incorporates various physical activities in his schedule to keep monotony away. He shares that outdoor exercise and activities help improve mental well-being and make you feel more in touch with nature. Here is how you can enjoy your vacations this year by embracing the sea and trying out these water sports this holiday season.

Kite Surfing

If you love activities that demand control then kite surfing should be on the top of your to-do list. Make use of a standard surfboard attached to a kite that would catch the air while you surf amidst the waves. This water sport demands precision along with quick decision making skills.


This sport isn’t just fun but will also strengthens your legs and arms along the way. It’s an amazing feeling being towed by a motorboat while being strapped to a rectangular board all along. Definitely something adrenaline junkies should try out.

Jet Skiing

How does racing across the water sound?
Jet skiing is probably one of the coolest water sports. This exhilarating sport is less strenuous than most other water activities. All you got to do is put on a life jacket and get going.


A great cardio strength training activity, kayaking can take you to remote places that make for mini adventures. This sport helps you strenuously work out on your core and upper body. This versatile sport allows you to test you rowing skills in white waters.

Body boarding

This water sport has come a long way from the Polynesian culture, and is a great option to try out for beginners. It works most like surfing, only that you need to lie on the board instead of standing on it. This sport is still not so widespread but is getting a lot of attention from surfers these days.


Snorkeling may not be as fascinating as scuba diving, but it has its own elements of simplicity. A snorkel, diving mask and flippers are all you need to get going. This simplicity gives divers the freedom to explore sea life near the surface of the ocean.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

This sport is a full body workout and also helps you with balancing and focusing. An offshoot to traditional surfing, SUP makes for an amazing cardio workout and also relieves stress. It comes easily as all the boarder has to do is stand on their board and paddle for propelling themselves through the water.

The summers are here and so are lots of sunny days, warm temperatures and endless new opportunities to have fun. Surfing and diving have been the norms since a while now, so take a leap of faith and invest some time exploring these adventurous recommendations by Salzano.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Becoming a Professional Hairstylist: Thomas Salzano

A professional hairstylist is a result of passion, dedication, research, right training, good PR skills and above all, perseverance. This is what Thomas Salzano, an expert hairstylist from Newark, New Jersey says whenever someone pops the question “what makes a great hairstylist” to him?
He says becoming a professional hairstylist is a 5 –step process in general. Here’s how it goes, Salzano says:
  1. Enroll in a Training program: Many institutes including community colleges, cosmetology schools and beauty schools offer hairstyling courses. The course duration varies anywhere between 9 months and 2 years. A thorough course, lasting for about 2 years will also give you salon management lessons.
  2. Get Licensed: Like many other professions, hairstylists also need to procure a license to start working. Talk to your local licensing authority to know the required documents and the right procedure to get a license.
  3. Start Working: Almost half of all hairstylists start their own business. Others rent a chair at an established salon while many begin interning at prominent salons to gather a more elaborate experience. You learned a lot in the school, it’s time apply your knowledge in the real world.
  4. Expected Surprises: you may find out pretty soon that real world isn’t remotely closed to what you thought of in the school. There will be many cups, and many slips, tomorrow is another day, leave today's chapter right there, carry the lesson with you forever.
  5. Make Noticeable Growth: Become a hairstylist people would love to get an appointment for. Thomas Salzano has seen many hairstylists working on “appointments only” basis. Become one, but always make room for walk-ins. They will become your appointments soon.
And just when in doubt, get in touch with Thomas Salzano, your friendly superhero stylist for more tips on hair care, hairstyling and traveling & photography.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Staying Hydrated During Treks: Thomas J Salzano

Everybody knows water is a life sustaining element, and yet we overlook its importance. Thomas J Salzano, a New Jersey based hairstylist, traveler, photographer and blogger says dehydration is especially important while trekking.

He says just water won’t be enough, because sweating and demanding course of trek needs more than just water, you need to replenish your minerals too.

Salzano suggests drinking half a liter of water when you wake up. Drink another half-liter within the next hour. As you start trekking, keep taking a sip or two every once in a while. Once your day is done, drink a glassful of water with a sachet of electrolyte powder.
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Monday, 5 March 2018

Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair: Thomas N Salzano Blog

Curly hair looks astoundingly beautiful. Every twist, turn and coil in a curly strand makes onlookers take a second look. But it’s only the person who knows what taking care of curly hair means. It’s not as easy as it looks. Hairstylist Thomas N Salzano talks about hair care tips for the curly kind.

Salzano explains, “the curlier the strands, the harder it is for natural scalp oils to moisturize each hair till the end.”

Since curly hair needs more moisturizing, the regular lather-rinse-repeat regimen doesn’t work on them. Thomas N Salzano shares some good tips to take care of curly hair and minimize the frizz.

  1. It all begins with knowing the curl type. This is important to understand the level of curls so that you can tweak your hair care regime accordingly. The broad spectrum care remains the same. It’s the quantity and duration that varies.
  2. Instead of shampoo-conditioner routine, wash your curls using conditioner. Work conditioner from end of strands and work towards the scalp.
  3. Instead of using towels, simply squeeze your hair gently and wrap them in a t-shirt.
  4. If you are using frizz control shampoo and conditioner, use the right amount. Hint: it’s less than what you think. For curly hair, it’s not about what product you use, it’s about how much of it you use.
  5. Curls are fragile and can be easily damaged by brushing. Use a wide-toothed comb instead, or finger comb your hair.
Thomas N Salzano is a Newark, New Jersey based hairstylist. He is also passionate about sharing his love for traveling and photography through his blogs. Follow Thomas N Salzano for more tips on hair care, traveling and photography.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Thomas N Salzano: Pack Your Own Food for Your Next Trip

We all know travel season get started and as a responsible blogger Thomas Salzano know it is the best time to share the list of his favorite travel food. Thomas N Salzano took these snacks from home when he goes for travel.

It will more fun sitting under the tree and enjoying the healthy homemade food. Many of items below you can prepare at home. Packing your own healthy snacks from home is control you to eat unhealthy food on the trip. And if you take your own food it not only save your money but also gives you the different experience. Go through these slides and find the list of healthy travel snacks.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Thomas Salzano explores the most mysterious places in the world

Professional hairstylist Thomas Salzano wants to write about a very awesome thing of our world. Earth offers us awe-inspiring sights, lakes, hills, Ocean, mountain, and landscape. No matter where you live in the world, there are incredible places to visit and stagger sights to see. To be honest, there are thousands of places that could have made this list.
Thomas Salzano determines and after a long internet search found some spots are perfect places to indulge those weird and wonderful. Enjoy our list of the most mysterious places in the world:

  • Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada
  • Badab-e-Surt, Iran
  • The Tianzi Mountains, China
  • Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island, the Philippines
  • The Catacombs, Paris, France
  • Fly Geyser, Nevada, USA
  • Blood Falls (Antarctica)
  • Red Beach (Panjin, China)
  • Surtsey, Iceland
  • Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, USA

 Expert Thomas Salzano covered lakes, mountain and more places which increase your wanderlust 

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Thomas J. Salzano: The Great Adventurous Places.

Thomas J. Salzano is huge adventure travel fan and with so many options around the world it can be overwhelming. Mr Thomas loves to do adventure activities like: Skydiving, Zip lining, Bridge climbing, Rafting and so more. A vacation filled with adventure travel will send you home with once-in-a-lifetime experiences under your belt, fascinating tales for your friends, Find out  Thomas j. Salzano's the best bucket list.

Horse-Riding, Turkey

Cycling, Romania

Sea kayaking, Estonia

Mountain hiking, Slovakia

Canyoning, Corsica

Diving and trekking, Iceland

Ice climbing, Switzerland

Road trip, Norway

Wildlife Adventure, Spain

For more interesting topic get in touch with Thomas J. Salzano

Friday, 19 January 2018

Thomas Salzano shared Stunning Blonde Balayage Looks! How?

The Balayage trend's name comes from the French term "to sweep”, Most adorable and trendy Blonde hairstyle loved and adored. Thomas Salzano Personally loved this chic looks. ThomasSalzano says that it’s most trendy which will never fade out, its natural dark and light shades hair colors. This hair color can change one’s world, Boost your confident and give new birth to your dull looks Blonde balayage looks are the best looks for you, low maintenance natural growth If you wandering best look with Blonde have a look following with Thomas Salzano collection.   Enjoy beautiful balayage ideas with blonde, brown and caramel shades!

Dark Roots + Bright Ends

Soft Blonde Balayage

Beige Blonde

Blonde Balayage Highlights For Brunettes

Blonde Balayage Lob

Natural Looking Blonde Balayage

Honey Blonde Balayage for Brunettes

Low Maintenance Blonde Balayage Highlights

Blonde Balayage Highlights For Dark Brown Hair

Sun Kissed Highlights

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Travel Expert Thomas J Salzano Share His Best Tips For Packing Light

Thomas J Salzano is a travel expert having trans-formative travel experiences. Thomas J Salzano is a full-time traveler and carry-on guy.

Packing for a trip means getting together all the essentials. And if you carry too much baggage then it is difficult to handle and also expensive if you are traveling by plane. Here Thomas J Salzano shares the ideas that will help you in traveling light:

Cut Down Your Luggage

If you take more bags with you on the trip then you will feel the heavier load. Choose a bag which is effective during the packing process and one which holds everything you need. do not choose heavy and hard side suitcase, try to use a bag of soft sides.

Pack Efficiently 

Pack clothes according to your traveling plans. So firstly make a list of your plans like a name of restaurants you will eat at, events that you are going to attend, attraction places you plan to visit and after making list find out what clothes and items are necessary for your trip. And pack 3 or 4 days before a trip because parking one day before is very stressful. And instead of folding the clothes roll them by rolling they will take less space.
Some other traveling tips that Thomas J Salzano also follow while traveling, skip packing laundry detergents and buy them when you arrive at a destination. And also pack a stain remover pen in your bag. 

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Best Vacation Photo Ideas By Thomas N Salzano

Explore new places and capture your memories like Thomas N Salzano a travel lover. Thomas N Salzano believes photo taking is becoming so much fun, he gathers his favorite photos and added them to his blogs. Here in these slides see more ideas about vacation photos.

Thomas Salzano: Safty Tips while Travelling During the Coronavirus Outbreak

As we know COVID-19 virus is spreading all over the world and this is the very serious situation. WHO declared it a global pandemic In m...