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Thomas J Salzano: Things You Should Know Before Starting A Business

As a salon owner, Thomas Salzano , a New Jersey based hairstylist had little time for his other pleasure when he started off. More than a decade ago, he was in the same position where many future entrepreneurs are today. No doubt that starting a business is exciting, but it is also equally demanding. It involves endless hours of hard-work, effort, lack of sleep, and spending your lifetime savings on something that could end up failing. Here are some tips from the man himself that you should keep in mind before starting a business: Ignore what others say There is a very popular stat when it comes to starting a new business, “95% of businesses fail within 5 years.” There will be many people who’d quote this. Keep the stat in mind and forget what people say. Focus on being in the remaining 5%. What follows from here is all based on the 5% entrepreneurs, including Salzano. Research and refine your idea Ian Wright, the founder of British Business Energy said: "Just b