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Thomas John Salzano: Why Are Core Business Values Important?

Any business just doesn’t grow because the management has taken and followed all the right steps regarding marketing and promoting strategies. It grows because they follow business core values that attached an employee to its company. Thomas Salzano , a New Jersey-based hairstylist, photographer, traveler, guitarist, and a blogger talks about the importance of core values in the context of a business. Here’s what he has to say: Core values provide a reliable foundation to help employees in creating innovative solutions for tougher problems. When employees embody core values of the company, they will work in consort and enable themselves to fulfill their mission of solving problems of their clients. Core values represent employee’s highest aspiration for how he engages as a colleague, alumni, partner who works on behalf of the company.Being empathetic effects a company’s environment to a wider extent. The ability to understand challenges that other employees are dealing wit