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Thomas Salzano : Top Rated Profiles


Thomas Salzano : Administrative Skills

Thomas Salzano lives and works in the USA, as an entrepreneur with decades of experience Thomas Salzano earned his bachelor of marketing degree from NY University in 1991 and his double Master of Education degree in Special Education in 1993.

As an award-winning administrator, Thomas Salzano has earned an excellent reputation among her colleagues. If you hope to achieve similar admin career success, dedicate time and effort to refining administrative skills like these:
Administrative positions often require you to work with office software programs ranging from graphic presentation software and large databases to spreadsheets and word processing programs. Stay up to date with the latest administrative technology and remember to include such skills on your resume. 

In administration, you need to be fluent with all forms of communication. This includes written communication, spoken communication, listening and the ability to read body language. To effectively d…