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Thomas J Salzano : 9 Real Ways to Make Money in Fitness Industry

According to the latest report, with revenues of over $ 84 billion from over 180,000 fitness clubs worldwide and membership alone, Thomas J Salzano says that the fitness industry is growing worldwide. If you are interested in making money in the fitness industry then you will need to pay attention to these 9 methods which will help you to make money in the fitness industry. For more information, you can watch the following video and read the following post to know in detail. Blog Post:

Thomas Salzano: The Best Christmas Celebration

Christmas celebration is a holiday filled with good cheer, decorations, joyful and valuable time with family and friends. Thomas says its a day full of fun, love, and happiness which means the best Christmas is when you are around your loved ones. To celebrate Christmas, decorate your home/workplace and enjoy Christmas traditions with your family and friends. To make your Christmas the best never miss any traditional touch of Christmas, even in food items. Christmas decorations, Christmas traditions, Christmas sweets, gifts, family and friends all together make Christmas celebration the best and memorable. So never miss these little Christmas traditions while celebrating Christmas .

Thomas N Salzano: Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur

In this article, Thomas N Salzano is going to share a short video clip that helpful for those who just started their entrepreneur journey. As a professional blogger & marketer, Thomas Salzano knows the pain points of entrepreneurs. Here the meaning of pain points are problems, issues, or challenges that entrepreneurs dealing with on a daily basis. So Thomas N Salzano discovered a few points that hide the pain points and make your entrepreneur journey a little easier. Stop Talking, Start Working   Stay Away from Negative People   Make Progress Every Day   Maintain a Healthy Routine   Reward Yourself   Read Books   Never Miss A Chance To Celebrate

Thomas N Salzano - Photography Tips by Famous Photographers

Photography is no longer just a hobby but a career option now. Thomas N Salzano a famous travel photographer believes that photographic technology has changed and developed but the fundamentals of photography are timeless. Moreover there as so many famous photographers like Greg Gorman, Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, Steve Mccurry, etc, who are famous for their photography style and creativity.  These famous personalities and other professional photographers have set an example and a learning lesson by sharing their work and professional techniques at work. The tips shared by these professionals about photography techniques, camera handling, light settings, background, and subject handling are worth learning as they enhance your knowledge and gives your work a professional touch.

Thomas J Salzano: Best Workouts to Transform Your Body

Thomas J. Salzano is a professional bodybuilder and brand ambassador of many gyms. He exercises every day in his private gym. He is in this profession since he was 16 years old. He has over 20 years of experience in bodybuilding. Thomas J Salzano takes a heavy diet to fit his body. Everyone enjoys different kinds of activities. You might find your body is better suited for a particular type of exercise. Just because you enjoy HIIT doesn’t mean you will enjoy cross-country running. Just because you like Zumba doesn’t mean you’ll be into yoga. We’ve rounded up 10 of our best workouts, including everything from cardio-boosting jump rope to muscle-building strength training. 1. Jump Rope Tabata Challenge 2. HIIT Medicine Ball Workout 3. 7 Moves to Get Leaner Legs 4. Roll with the Punches–Taboxing 5. Runner’s Strength Training Workout 6. All Butt No Thighs Workout 7. 20 Minute Total Body Tabata Workout 8. 3 Move Kettlebell Butt Lift 9.

Thomas N Salzano: The Best Historical Sites in the World

You will find a lot of historical sites all across the world-famous or known for its history, beauty, and culture that will mesmerize you and connect you with the place says Thomas N Salzano a famous backpacker. A few historical places have a connection with human life and the proof of which can be seen in history books and researches. Whereas some places are still a mystery to be solved but the beauty of the place attracts the visitors and the beauty of the sites makes it a must-visit place. Historical places like Tikal have been declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Machu Picchu in Peru is another famous historical site that everyone should visit. Whereas the Colosseum in Rome and Stonehenge located in the English country of Wiltshire are also in the list of the best historical sites in the world. You will find more than 100 historical sites with the tag of the best historical sites in the world. But travelers like Thomas feels that the constant names ar

Thomas N Salzano - How to Stay Motivated

If you are not motivated that means you won’t be able to give your hundred percent in whatever you do. Thomas N Salzano a motivational speaker said in one of his lectures that "Don't give reasons for being demotivated find reasons to stay motivated." People generally focus too much on the negative results of a situation and blame the situation of the person that made them feel low. The point here is that you don't try to motivate yourself to do the task which kills your confidence and you fear to show your talent. Here are some simple hacks by Thomas that are common but most trusted ones to bring back your confidence by making you feel good and motivated about yourself:   Concentrate on what you can do and stop stressing over what you can’t. Keep working on your skills and don’t stress too much on things that you know will take time to fall in place. Make it a routine to read positive quotes, stories or watch motivation movies that talks about real-lif

Thomas N Salzano: How to Enhance Your Creativity Level?

Creativity helps you to express and perform a task in a unique way that adds value to your task and makes it interesting is what Thomas N Salzano appreciates about creative people. Thomas Salzano is a motivational speaker by profession and his profession to demands creativity. He is aware of the fact and methods of creativity which has made his life better. Here are a few methods that can answer your question i.e. "How to enhance your creativity level" Be open to opinions   We generally ignore the opinion of others but a creative person will always appreciate the opinions and analyze them.  It’s perfectly fine to ask for help and to appreciate the fact that the other person has a better opinion than you.   Note down your ideas Whatever comes to your mind just note it down in your diary or on a piece of paper. The possibilities are high that you might forget the exact idea letter so it’s better to write it down and improvise later if needed. Try the

Thomas Salzano - Famous Poets and Poetry

Poetry is an art that turns words into feels. The conversation is between the two souls, the poet, and the reader while reading his poetry and entering the imaginative world that the poet has created says Thomas Salzano a renowned poet and a creative writer. Poets like W.B Yeats, Sylvia Plath, Shakespeare, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Burns, Oscar Wilde, John Milton, Charlotte Bronte, Rober Frost and many more are some very famous poets. Thomas Salzano has always followed John Milton, Rober Frost, and William Shakespeare. He appreciates their work and considers them as his motivation. Below are the list of his favorite poems of his favorite poets:   William Shakespeare A renowned writer in the English Language and is also known as England’s National Poet. His most appreciated work is the “ Sonnet 18” a fourteen-line poem written in iambic pentameter. John Milton He is an English poet and one of the most famous poets of his time. His poetry called “ On His Bli

Thomas Salzano - Long-Haul Flight tips to Make your journey Comfortable

One of the most comfortable means to travel is “traveling by flight” says Thomas Salzano but sometimes this comfort can be a little challenging if its a long-haul flight. Thomas as a traveler has faced this discomfort and has some simple tips that can make your journey easy and relaxing.   Here are a few tips by Thomas :   A comfortable seat is the biggest relaxation in itself. See which seat fits in your budget and comfort zone like the suggested seat will be 6A. In case you are traveling with kids you should prefer the front seats of the plane. The second thing which will make your journey in-plane relaxing is your shoes and clothes. Skintight clothes and tight shoes can be discomforting. So go for comfortable clothes and fewer accessories when you have a long flight to survive. Take a power nap and don’t keep sitting. Sleep is important to stay fresh after such a long flight. The other things that are important are to keep yourself hydrated, carry a sleep

Thomas Salzano - How to Write Effective Narration for Visuals

In video making, communication occurs through the images but in most of the cases, images alone are not capable of delivering the whole story. According to Thomas Salzano , a voice actor, and renowned blogger, this is where the narration fits in. Voice over imparts the important information that video alone cannot.  Use the following tips and level up your voice over skills: 1.Plan Ahead Decide how you want your narration and what you want to deliver through your voice over. 2. Listen Your voice over script will not be seen by anybody but will be heard therefore before presenting it listen to it yourself and avoid words or combinations that are hard to pronounce. 3.Tailor The Script Know your audience, in the opinion of Thomas , you should write your narration with a specific audience in mind. The words are going to make better sense if you practice this form of script writing and narration skills. 4. Pace Yourself Pacing is balanci

Thomas Salzano - Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

"Try new things and get out of your comfort zone to live life to fullest", says Thomas J Salzano, a New-York-based inspirational blogger , and a life coach. The 45 years old influencer shares his valuable thoughts about why one must leave his/her comfort zone to chase success. Here's what he has to say: #1 Personal Development: Your comfort zone is your biggest enemy. This is because you are so used to the pleasant environment that you can never experience self-growth. #2 Recognize Your Self-Worth: Getting out of your comfort zone will help you to get yourself to new heights. You will explore your hidden skills and talents. #3 Become More Optimist: Once you get rid of your comfort zone, you will get rid of your negative thoughts too. You will see a dramatic novelty in your vision and will be full of positive vibes. #4 Give Your Best: When you step out of your comfort zone, circumstances make you more productive and courageous to face fears

Thomas Salzano - Corporate People Too Have A Career Choice

They said to concentrate on just one single goal, but I had different goals to achieve and an urge to do something different, says Thomas Salzano afamous blogger and a renowned backpacker. He loves to explore new places as a traveler, capture the historical monuments in his camera and then beautifully express his experience in his poetry, blogs, and self-composed songs. Thomas Salzano is also known for his motivational skills and while interacting with a group of people, all from the corporate world had one common question for Thomas that was how to manage our time and talent in a job that demands more than 9 hours of our day? Here are a few tips from Thomas Salzano for the corporate people struggling to make a multi-career decision : Make a decision, not a choice between your passion and career . It’s easy to decide when you are sure about your financial situation. Portfolio career options are always open for corporate people. If you are not satisfied with 9

Thomas J Salzano - What all You Should Keep in Mind When You Start as a Beginner as Skier

Skiing is an interesting sport but needs proper training as there is a high risk of injuries if you don’t take proper training and guidance says, Thomas J Salzano a professionally trained skier . Thomas J Salzano says every sport requires training and so does skiing. Like every other sport, skiing has some ground rules that a trainer can convey to you better.  Here are some tips by Thomas J Salzano for beginners in skiing: Prefer only that resort for training which is famous for beginners and not for champions You dress should be appropriate (avoid jeans) Only when you can evenly balance over your skis is when you can start your journey as a skier. Proper training is compulsory so get a trainer for you how can put you on the right track with his proper guidance. These are some tips that can help you as a skier. Thomas J Salzano says , it's okay to fall and learn but it's safe if you fall in front of your trainer.

Thomas Salzano - How to find your inspiration to write

"Everyone needs inspiration in life, and so do the poets and writers says," Thomas Salzano a poet and famous blogger. To get your inspiration to write when you have to but you don’t have any idea about what to pen down that touches the reader's heart and give you satisfaction. In this case, you should be prepaid like develop a habit to ready about the current affairs, join a writing group or maintain a journal in which you write your feelings and thoughts.  These little habits can help find your inspiration to write and the best part is that it's you who will inspire yourself.

Thomas Salzano - a poet by profession

Thomas Salzano is a guy of 30 and working as a writer. He loves to do poetry on various subjects i.e. emotions, love, art, culture, etc. But his favorite areas of poetry are love and emotions. Here is one example of his poetry: “Her eyes look like an ocean of love and compassion But Thomas Salzano feels unlucky as She hates him for his immaturity and aggression” Thomas Salzano a poet , launched his poetry website and recently this news got published on various press release websites. Visit for the complete news.

Thomas Salzano - Traveling a Unique Method to Fight Depression

With the increasing roles and responsibilities in our day-to-day life, stress and anxiety are also increasing and so are the chances of depression among humans. Our busy schedule and no time to relax and interact increases the chances of depression. “Traveling is one of the best methods to stay away from depression and help a person in depression to overcome it,” says Thomas Salzano a motivational speaker and a famous traveler. The ways in which traveling can help fight depression are listed below: You experience the unexpected as travel trips always have some magic and surprise for you to experience. Learning and experiencing something new is what traveling brings to you as you get a chance to meet new people and explore new places and cultures. Traveling can be much more than a trip, it can turn out to be a lifetime opportunity that can change your way of thinking and give you the right direction in life. So do plan a tr

Thomas Salzano - How to write Poetry

"Poetry sounds complex but it just demands your imagination and thought to be penned down in a sequence,"  says Thomas Salzano a renowned blogger and a poet. He sharing his thoughts and tips about poetry guide the aspiring poets and to motivate them to keep trying. Here are a few tips that Thomas Salzano thought of sharing with all of us: ●      Use Metaphor and Simile. ●      Avoid using abstract words and use more concrete words ●      Develop a habit to write and experiment with your words. Thomas Salzano suggests taking regular feedback before you finalize your poetry so that you can work on your corrections and be more accurate and motivated. To know about more visit here website link

Thomas N Salzano - My cycle is my motivation

"Only you can motivate yourself, others can just remind you to be motivated and give suggestions about it,"  says Thomas N Salzano a passionate biker and a photographer. He has seen a lot of ups and downs during his journey as a biker.  The difficulties were not limited to time and energy but his health too. Thomas Salzano met with an accident which took away his confidence to continue his career in cycling. It was his family who reminded him about his passion and set an example for him to feel motivated by sticking a note on his favorite cycles which he had planned to sell-off.  The note said, "Never give up as you are our inspiration and strength." This note on the cycle made Thomas Salzano thought of his impulsive decision of giving up and enlighten his soul to work on his fast recovery from the injuries so that he could continue his journey as a cyclist.

Thomas Salzano - If you think its right for you! Then do it.

"We all have an interest and desire to achieve something in life but only your hard work will make you succeed,"  says Thomas Salzano a music lover and a poet.  All opportunities may not be aligned in your path but they exist in whatever you do. All you need to do is to take the right decision to choose what is right for you.  It’s not important to be skilled in the field to grab the opportunity but you must have an interest in it so that you feel motivated while performing the task or work.  Life gives numerous chances to do something great in life, all you need to have is faith and desire to work hard to achieve it.

Thomas Salzano - Travelers and Their Travel Blogs

"A traveler can best express his experience through his blogs,"   is what Thomas Salzano feels about being a travel blogger. He is a travel blogger and has some tips for all the aspiring bloggers to give them some direction. Here are some tips: Post your travel experience and pictures from your trip. Maintain a diary and post something daily from it. Keep the content fresh and be socially connected with your audience. Following these simple tips can make your blogging experience more engaging for your audience is what Thomas Salzano feels about the travel blogs.

Thomas Salzano - Tips to deal with mountain sickness

“Traveling to mountains is an amazing experience without your head spinning,” says Thomas Salzano an enthusiastic backpacker and blogger. He as a traveler has experienced the head-spinning feeling while traveling to the mountains and followed some tricks to avoid nausea. Here are some tips: ●      To avoid vomiting while traveling ( Nausea) don’t eat anything which has strong food odors. ●      Don’t sit next to someone who is prone to altitude sickness as you may also feel like vomiting. These are the tips suggested by Thomas Salzano to avoid mountain sickness and enjoy the trip to the mountains.

Thomas n Salzano - Why You Should Take Your kids on a Trip

Travelling with kids will give you the best experience and love from your kids,” is what Thomas Salzano feels about traveling with the little ones.

Thomas Salzano : Top Rated Profiles

Thomas N Salzano | Thomas John Salzano | Thomas J. Salzano ... Your page is not mobile-friendly. 1 day ago -  Follow  Thomas  N  Salzano  aka  Thomas  J.  Salzano  Aka  Thomas  John  Salzano  for latest travel & adventure blog posts. Thomas Salzano - Hairstylist Thomas Salzano @ Hairstyle Nation ... Thomas Salzano  is a trvel blogger and professional hairdresser. Thomas N Salzano is addctited to travel. Thomas J. Salzano traveled most of ... Thomas John Salzano (@thomas_salzano) | Twitter The latest Tweets from  Thomas  John  Salzano  (@thomas_salzano).  Thomas  J  Salzano  aka  Thomas  N Salzano  aka  Thomas  John  Salzano  is travel avid and ... Thomas John Salzano | Thomas N Salzano | Thomas J. Salzano ... Thomas N Salzano (