Thomas N Salzano - How to Stay Motivated

If you are not motivated that means you won’t be able to give your hundred percent in whatever you do. Thomas N Salzano a motivational speaker said in one of his lectures that "Don't give reasons for being demotivated find reasons to stay motivated."

People generally focus too much on the negative results of a situation and blame the situation of the person that made them feel low. The point here is that you don't try to motivate yourself to do the task which kills your confidence and you fear to show your talent.

Here are some simple hacks by Thomas that are common but most trusted ones to bring back your confidence by making you feel good and motivated about yourself: 
  • Concentrate on what you can do and stop stressing over what you can’t. Keep working on your skills and don’t stress too much on things that you know will take time to fall in place.

  • Make it a routine to read positive quotes, stories or watch motivation movies that talks about real-life people and incidents related to overcoming fears and staying motivated
  • Talk to your mentor, friend or family when you think you won’t be able to handle the situation. It’s okay to ask for help even if it’s against your ego.
  • Meditation and yoga have always helped. Meditation calms your mind and relaxes your body. This makes you think better and positive. So do try to meditate.
  • Remember that no one is perfect and no one includes you too. There is always a scope of improvement so let yourself move forward in life.
  • Spread positivity so that you receive the same positive energy.
  • Change the tone of your thoughts from negative to positive.
These hacks are not extraordinary nor, is staying motivated. Thomas N Salzano says you need little effort to deal with a bad situation and keep yourself motivated. Isolating yourself won’t help but sharing your problems and working on polishing your skills will definitely help you to stay motivated.


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