Thomas N Salzano: How to Enhance Your Creativity Level?

Creativity helps you to express and perform a task in a unique way that adds value to your task and makes it interesting is what Thomas N Salzano appreciates about creative people. Thomas Salzano is a motivational speaker by profession and his profession to demands creativity. He is aware of the fact and methods of creativity which has made his life better.

Here are a few methods that can answer your question i.e. "How to enhance your creativity level"
  • Be open to opinions 
We generally ignore the opinion of others but a creative person will always appreciate the opinions and analyze them.  It’s perfectly fine to ask for help and to appreciate the fact that the other person has a better opinion than you. 
  • Note down your ideas
Whatever comes to your mind just note it down in your diary or on a piece of paper. The possibilities are high that you might forget the exact idea letter so it’s better to write it down and improvise later if needed.
  • Try the six thinking hats technique

This is a very effective technique for thinking. The technique involves looking at a problem from six different perspectives.


Red Hat: means look at the situation emotionally

White Hat: Means look at the situation objectively

Yellow Hat: means use a positive perspective

Black Hat: means a negative perspective

Green Hat: means think Creatively

Blue Hat: means think broadly

Thomas N Salzano
says that there are other techniques like snowball technique, brainstorming technique, asking questions, etc. that can help you to work on your creative thinking skills. The must-try technique is the six thinking hats technique.


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