Monday, 5 March 2018

Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair: Thomas N Salzano Blog

Curly hair looks astoundingly beautiful. Every twist, turn and coil in a curly strand makes onlookers take a second look. But it’s only the person who knows what taking care of curly hair means. It’s not as easy as it looks. Hairstylist Thomas N Salzano talks about hair care tips for the curly kind.

Salzano explains, “the curlier the strands, the harder it is for natural scalp oils to moisturize each hair till the end.”

Since curly hair needs more moisturizing, the regular lather-rinse-repeat regimen doesn’t work on them. Thomas N Salzano shares some good tips to take care of curly hair and minimize the frizz.

  1. It all begins with knowing the curl type. This is important to understand the level of curls so that you can tweak your hair care regime accordingly. The broad spectrum care remains the same. It’s the quantity and duration that varies.
  2. Instead of shampoo-conditioner routine, wash your curls using conditioner. Work conditioner from end of strands and work towards the scalp.
  3. Instead of using towels, simply squeeze your hair gently and wrap them in a t-shirt.
  4. If you are using frizz control shampoo and conditioner, use the right amount. Hint: it’s less than what you think. For curly hair, it’s not about what product you use, it’s about how much of it you use.
  5. Curls are fragile and can be easily damaged by brushing. Use a wide-toothed comb instead, or finger comb your hair.
Thomas N Salzano is a Newark, New Jersey based hairstylist. He is also passionate about sharing his love for traveling and photography through his blogs. Follow Thomas N Salzano for more tips on hair care, traveling and photography.

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