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4 Tips to Attract Customer With your Website by Thomas Salzano

Now days more and more people depend on their mobile devices to shop. its time to turn your business website traffic into potential dollars. Its right time to update your old website to make your website new. Here are four ways to make your business website more efficient in an online-driven world: 1. Choosing a clean web design. As a business, your goal is to have a high conversion rate and establish contact with potential customers. Design is an important part of any website, but not all online portals are created equally. You can create an amazing website without letting form overshadow function, so avoid unnecessary items that will make it harder for your audience to get what they need, such as banners on the front page or long paragraphs on your contact page. Avoid placing important information in graphics and on pictures, since search engines can’t read them. If you must use banners to highlight your content, include keywords in the picture’s title, alternative title and caption

Thomas Salzano - New to Search Engine Marketing? Must Read

Search Engine Optimization is the best approach to expand the visibility and to create clicks and leads with Search engine marketing. Its truly hard way and Long term achievement success making substance for your crowd which discovers pertinent and seeing how the web crawlers work. It for the most part needs extraordinary tirelessness. PPC (Pay-per-Click) is another best choice for advertising. You can appreciate comes about quickly. Its tad bit expensive. In this we will concentrate on Google AdWords which is in light of PPC projects. With PPC you get your page showed on the internet searcher results page when somebody scans for the essential words you have chosen. As in PPC you got paid just when your advertisements are clicked charges are taking into account an expense for each snap Adwords depends on three elements: keywords, ad creation, and landing pages. Keywords: You create a list of keywords that display of your ads when people search for them. Ad creation: You crea

Thomas Salzano - Ways to Improve Website Conversions

When it comes to interacting with users and online customers, it is very important to have a website that offers good user experience which can easily convert visitors to customers. Understanding conversion rate is a simple process. You must know these things:  - Why visitors are not converting? - What you can do to fix this issue?  You will get to know this only when you know the exact problem which users faced while accessing your website.   You can improve your website conversion rate only when these things are working fine for your website: User Experience: It includes clean and intuitive interface which you offer to the website visitors. Call to Action Analysis: Adding call to actions at exact place is very important. Do not add it at inappropriate place. Website Usability Analysis: You should take care that your website visitors can easily find what they are looking for. Information architecture design Analysis: It

Thomas N Salzano - Online Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

Here are online marketing tips for entrepreneurs who are not having much budget to hire an online marketing agency for the promotion of their business online: Generate Content: Nobody else can better understand your business than you and your customer needs. Plan a content which is unique and liked by users. Do not try to add only technical content, add interesting facts also. Add Call to Actions A call to action added at right place may lead to conversion. Do not miss Social Media: Social media is the best way to make good online presence. Make official social media accounts on sites like Twitter, Facebook G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and share your content there. Helping People: You can participate in active communities and share your thoughts on any help asked by users. It makes your expert presence in users' eye. Follow Thomas N Salzano on G+ to get latest updates about internet marketing.