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Thomas Salzano - Corporate People Too Have A Career Choice

They said to concentrate on just one single goal, but I had different goals to achieve and an urge to do something different, says Thomas Salzano afamous blogger and a renowned backpacker. He loves to explore new places as a traveler, capture the historical monuments in his camera and then beautifully express his experience in his poetry, blogs, and self-composed songs. Thomas Salzano is also known for his motivational skills and while interacting with a group of people, all from the corporate world had one common question for Thomas that was how to manage our time and talent in a job that demands more than 9 hours of our day? Here are a few tips from Thomas Salzano for the corporate people struggling to make a multi-career decision : Make a decision, not a choice between your passion and career . It’s easy to decide when you are sure about your financial situation. Portfolio career options are always open for corporate people. If you are not satisfied with 9

Thomas J Salzano - What all You Should Keep in Mind When You Start as a Beginner as Skier

Skiing is an interesting sport but needs proper training as there is a high risk of injuries if you don’t take proper training and guidance says, Thomas J Salzano a professionally trained skier . Thomas J Salzano says every sport requires training and so does skiing. Like every other sport, skiing has some ground rules that a trainer can convey to you better.  Here are some tips by Thomas J Salzano for beginners in skiing: Prefer only that resort for training which is famous for beginners and not for champions You dress should be appropriate (avoid jeans) Only when you can evenly balance over your skis is when you can start your journey as a skier. Proper training is compulsory so get a trainer for you how can put you on the right track with his proper guidance. These are some tips that can help you as a skier. Thomas J Salzano says , it's okay to fall and learn but it's safe if you fall in front of your trainer.

Thomas Salzano - How to find your inspiration to write

"Everyone needs inspiration in life, and so do the poets and writers says," Thomas Salzano a poet and famous blogger. To get your inspiration to write when you have to but you don’t have any idea about what to pen down that touches the reader's heart and give you satisfaction. In this case, you should be prepaid like develop a habit to ready about the current affairs, join a writing group or maintain a journal in which you write your feelings and thoughts.  These little habits can help find your inspiration to write and the best part is that it's you who will inspire yourself.

Thomas Salzano - a poet by profession

Thomas Salzano is a guy of 30 and working as a writer. He loves to do poetry on various subjects i.e. emotions, love, art, culture, etc. But his favorite areas of poetry are love and emotions. Here is one example of his poetry: “Her eyes look like an ocean of love and compassion But Thomas Salzano feels unlucky as She hates him for his immaturity and aggression” Thomas Salzano a poet , launched his poetry website and recently this news got published on various press release websites. Visit for the complete news.

Thomas Salzano - Traveling a Unique Method to Fight Depression

With the increasing roles and responsibilities in our day-to-day life, stress and anxiety are also increasing and so are the chances of depression among humans. Our busy schedule and no time to relax and interact increases the chances of depression. “Traveling is one of the best methods to stay away from depression and help a person in depression to overcome it,” says Thomas Salzano a motivational speaker and a famous traveler. The ways in which traveling can help fight depression are listed below: You experience the unexpected as travel trips always have some magic and surprise for you to experience. Learning and experiencing something new is what traveling brings to you as you get a chance to meet new people and explore new places and cultures. Traveling can be much more than a trip, it can turn out to be a lifetime opportunity that can change your way of thinking and give you the right direction in life. So do plan a tr