Thomas Salzano - Corporate People Too Have A Career Choice

They said to concentrate on just one single goal, but I had different goals to achieve and an urge to do something different, says Thomas Salzano afamous blogger and a renowned backpacker. He loves to explore new places as a traveler, capture the historical monuments in his camera and then beautifully express his experience in his poetry, blogs, and self-composed songs.

Thomas Salzano is also known for his motivational skills and while interacting with a group of people, all from the corporate world had one common question for Thomas that was how to manage our time and talent in a job that demands more than 9 hours of our day?

Here are a few tips from Thomas Salzano for the corporate people struggling to make a multi-career decision :

  1. Make a decision, not a choice between your passion and career.
  2. It’s easy to decide when you are sure about your financial situation.

  3. Portfolio career options are always open for corporate people.

  4. If you are not satisfied with 9 am to 6 pm job then be sure before you shift about the new career plan and consider the portfolio career options as they give you the flexibility and time to explore.

  5. Don’t make an impulsive decision as there are tough situations in corporate life which you need to face and if you know that you are good at it you will definitely clear it or have faith in you to work hard and polish your skills. 

As a professional in a corporate world, people generally get frustrated and plan to quit. Thomas says he is not stopping anyone from taking their career decisions but suggest to rethink thrice before coming to any conclusion. He says he has come across many professionals who take an impulsive decision and regret afterward. So be careful and think about all the five tips mentioned above before you quit your job.


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