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Thomas Salzano - How to write Poetry

"Poetry sounds complex but it just demands your imagination and thought to be penned down in a sequence,"  says Thomas Salzano a renowned blogger and a poet. He sharing his thoughts and tips about poetry guide the aspiring poets and to motivate them to keep trying. Here are a few tips that Thomas Salzano thought of sharing with all of us: ●      Use Metaphor and Simile. ●      Avoid using abstract words and use more concrete words ●      Develop a habit to write and experiment with your words. Thomas Salzano suggests taking regular feedback before you finalize your poetry so that you can work on your corrections and be more accurate and motivated. To know about more visit here website link

Thomas N Salzano - My cycle is my motivation

"Only you can motivate yourself, others can just remind you to be motivated and give suggestions about it,"  says Thomas N Salzano a passionate biker and a photographer. He has seen a lot of ups and downs during his journey as a biker.  The difficulties were not limited to time and energy but his health too. Thomas Salzano met with an accident which took away his confidence to continue his career in cycling. It was his family who reminded him about his passion and set an example for him to feel motivated by sticking a note on his favorite cycles which he had planned to sell-off.  The note said, "Never give up as you are our inspiration and strength." This note on the cycle made Thomas Salzano thought of his impulsive decision of giving up and enlighten his soul to work on his fast recovery from the injuries so that he could continue his journey as a cyclist.

Thomas Salzano - If you think its right for you! Then do it.

"We all have an interest and desire to achieve something in life but only your hard work will make you succeed,"  says Thomas Salzano a music lover and a poet.  All opportunities may not be aligned in your path but they exist in whatever you do. All you need to do is to take the right decision to choose what is right for you.  It’s not important to be skilled in the field to grab the opportunity but you must have an interest in it so that you feel motivated while performing the task or work.  Life gives numerous chances to do something great in life, all you need to have is faith and desire to work hard to achieve it.