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Tips by Thomas N Salzano on How to Clean Your Bike

After each muddy ride, it’s time to clean your bike, says Thomas N Salzano, a bike and a famous blogger. It’s a good habit to keep your bike clean and you as an individual should take the responsibility to keep your bike clean. You should clean your bike monthly, but a mountain or a cross bike should be cleaned more often is what Thomas suggests. So if you are planning to clean your bike on your own here are some step shared by Thomas that will guide you on how to clean your bike: 1)     Use a different brush to clean the chain of your bike. 2)     Carefully clean your bike rotors/ rim 3)     Wash your bike with detergent at least once a week if you ride it frequently. 4)     Brush the dirt off by using a cleaning brush with water 5)     Rise and dry your bike, also apply lube on the chain. Just follow the five steps and you are done. Even the professional does it this way so why always take your bike to a service center when it’s easy to clean it on your

Thomas Salzano - Pets need care too during coronavirus crisis

Nowadays we are too concerned about our health and immunity as the spread of coronavirus scares us every day. But the ones with pets are struggling to be assured that their pets are safe, says Thomas Salzano, a professional dog trainer, and a blogger. Are you taking care of your pets? As they need care too during the coronavirus crisis. They might not get infected from the virus but they can fall sick if you don’t maintain a balanced diet. So if you have a pet at home, you need to be sure that you do not fall short of food supplies for your pet. The veterinary will not be easily available these days, as they don’t fall under essential medical procedures. Another thing that is most important is to maintain your pet’s hygiene, don’t compromise with that as poor hygiene leads to illness for both pets and the master. Take guidance from any pet trainer or the veterinary about how to maintain your pet’s hygiene and follow the instructions properly. This is a tough time

Thomas Salzano - Choose Where to Go for Vacation This Year

Planning a vacation is not an easy task as there are a number of places that are suggested which makes it more difficult for you to choose the one that suits you the most. Thomas Salzano, a famous traveler, feels the same as where to go next is a big question for him too. So to make it a bit easy for you to decide the travel destination this year here are a few suggestions shared by Thomas based on his travel experience to these places: 1)     Visit Rwanda in Africa 2)     Another best option for the year would be Copenhagen, Denmark 3)     Based on cultural experience the best suggestion would be Jaisalmer, India 4)     Arequipa, Peru is also a famous travel destination 5)     Last but not the least, Nikko, Japan can be a good choice to travel to. These are a few suggestions by Thomas Salzano that can be helpful in choosing where to go on vacation this year.

List of Frequently Asked Travel Questions Shared By Thomas Salzano

Planning a vacation can be stressful and overlooking some details is inevitable is what Thomas Salzano feels about traveling . It is a good habit he feels to ask questions and clear your doubts before you confirm your trip. There are a few travel questions that the majority of you will ask when planning a trip and that’s okay. What is important here is to reach out to the right answer as the internet is full of information that might or might not suit your situation. The best thing you can do is to ask a question directly to experts like local travel bloggers or travelers or travel organizations. For this, you can use platforms like professional profiles or pages to reach out to them. Many travel bloggers share their travel stories and tips related to travel that might help you to gain clarity in case of doubt. Questions like: ●      What are the places to travel alone? ●      Is it important to travel to become a travel writer? ●      What are the opportunities

Thomas Salzano: Precautions While Traveling during Coronavirus Outbreak

We all are familiar with the current situation where the outbreak of Coronavirus has become a serious issue. When asked by travel expert, Thomas Salzano about his views on coronavirus effects on travel, he said that as responsible citizens we all must cooperate with the government and avoid traveling as the best precaution. The need of the hour is to stay safe from this deadly virus and for that you all need to stay inside your homes. In case you need to travel due to any emergency then make sure that you avoid touching anything around, wear a mask, even gloves are recommended now, maintain a distance from other travelers and make sure you wash or sanitize your hands again and again. Thomas Salzano says all the precautions are for your benefit and so is the screening a part of the precautions. So in case you are asked to wait to be screened do cooperate with the authorities.