Tips by Thomas N Salzano on How to Clean Your Bike

After each muddy ride, it’s time to clean your bike, says Thomas N Salzano, a bike and a famous blogger. It’s a good habit to keep your bike clean and you as an individual should take the responsibility to keep your bike clean.

You should clean your bike monthly, but a mountain or a cross bike should be cleaned more often is what Thomas suggests. So if you are planning to clean your bike on your own here are some step shared by Thomas that will guide you on how to clean your bike:

1)    Use a different brush to clean the chain of your bike.
2)    Carefully clean your bike rotors/ rim
3)    Wash your bike with detergent at least once a week if you ride it frequently.
4)    Brush the dirt off by using a cleaning brush with water
5)    Rise and dry your bike, also apply lube on the chain.

Just follow the five steps and you are done. Even the professional does it this way so why always take your bike to a service center when it’s easy to clean it on your own. Thomas Salzano recommends every biker to regularly clean their bike even if you haven't ridden it for a long time.


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