Thomas Salzano - Pets need care too during coronavirus crisis

Nowadays we are too concerned about our health and immunity as the spread of coronavirus scares us every day. But the ones with pets are struggling to be assured that their pets are safe, says Thomas Salzano, a professional dog trainer, and a blogger.

Are you taking care of your pets? As they need care too during the coronavirus crisis. They might not get infected from the virus but they can fall sick if you don’t maintain a balanced diet. So if you have a pet at home, you need to be sure that you do not fall short of food supplies for your pet. The veterinary will not be easily available these days, as they don’t fall under essential medical procedures.

Another thing that is most important is to maintain your pet’s hygiene, don’t compromise with that as poor hygiene leads to illness for both pets and the master. Take guidance from any pet trainer or the veterinary about how to maintain your pet’s hygiene and follow the instructions properly.

This is a tough time for all of us, but you are lucky that you have a pet to lift-up your mood even during such stressful days, says Thomas Salzano. Make the best use of the time at home and share your love and care with your pets.


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