Becoming a Professional Hairstylist: Thomas Salzano

A professional hairstylist is a result of passion, dedication, research, right training, good PR skills and above all, perseverance. This is what Thomas Salzano, an expert hairstylist from Newark, New Jersey says whenever someone pops the question “what makes a great hairstylist” to him?
He says becoming a professional hairstylist is a 5 –step process in general. Here’s how it goes, Salzano says:
  1. Enroll in a Training program: Many institutes including community colleges, cosmetology schools and beauty schools offer hairstyling courses. The course duration varies anywhere between 9 months and 2 years. A thorough course, lasting for about 2 years will also give you salon management lessons.
  2. Get Licensed: Like many other professions, hairstylists also need to procure a license to start working. Talk to your local licensing authority to know the required documents and the right procedure to get a license.
  3. Start Working: Almost half of all hairstylists start their own business. Others rent a chair at an established salon while many begin interning at prominent salons to gather a more elaborate experience. You learned a lot in the school, it’s time apply your knowledge in the real world.
  4. Expected Surprises: you may find out pretty soon that real world isn’t remotely closed to what you thought of in the school. There will be many cups, and many slips, tomorrow is another day, leave today's chapter right there, carry the lesson with you forever.
  5. Make Noticeable Growth: Become a hairstylist people would love to get an appointment for. Thomas Salzano has seen many hairstylists working on “appointments only” basis. Become one, but always make room for walk-ins. They will become your appointments soon.
And just when in doubt, get in touch with Thomas Salzano, your friendly superhero stylist for more tips on hair care, hairstyling and traveling & photography.


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