Thomas Salzano: Travelling Hacks You Need to Know

Traveling hacks are interesting as they help you survive a situation that you have stuck in during a trip. The hacks are mainly related to hotels and traveling alone in the streets of a new country or place. 

These travel hacks are shared on the bases of the real travel experience of people or the ones like Thomas Salzano who are travelers by profession.

Hacks are just important knowledge you should have related to traveling like about the important apps that you must have in your phone namely Google maps offline, currency converter app and communication apps like Skype and WhatsApp so that if there are signal issues you can still manage to communicate using the hotel Wifi.

Other important hacks like hotel power switch can be operated with a thick piece of paper, you can use the USB input on the back of your hotel TV in case your charger is not working and to carry a universal adapter as the power slot is different in different countries.


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