Thomas Salzano: A Complete Guide to Become a Professional Travel Photographer

Each aspiring travel photographer dreams of working with renowned magazines, artists, organizations or starting something new under their name that is professional and popular.  Travel photographers like Thomas Salzano have started their journey by assisting renowned artists and gaining professional knowledge from them.

To become a professional travel photographer you need to consider some important points like:
  • Licensing your photography through an agency or the company you are working with.

  • Offer what you are best at and start working with small projects and with organizations to gain experience and validation.

  • Promotion for your work and services is important so engage in outreach activities like sharing your work on social media, with renowned artists and at art galleries in and around you.

To gain popularity in this field you have to find ways by which people can notice your work and come to know about you. Thomas Salzano says that in this era of digitalization sharing and building connections is easy but so has the competition raised. So keep your work unique and increase your audiences.


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